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If you have a little one looking to have fun and entertain the entire family through music, then Noteworthy™ is for you! New hobbies and activities are proven to build confidence in children. Taking on the challenge of learning a new skill and accomplishing it with success creates high self-esteem that positively affects all aspects of life... 
  • A child’s brain is continuously developing. Children that receive a music education develop better language and reasoning skills, along with communication and reading comprehension skills that are sure to improve their academics.
  • Participating in a music education program is known to improve children's memorization skills, helping not only within their lessons, but with everyday tasks such as homework assignments, packing their lunches and improving test scores.
  • A music education teaches both logical and abstract thinking, teaching kids the importance of problem-solving skills and working together to achieve a common goal.
  • Introducing children to music at a young age creates a greater appreciation for both the skills they are learning, and for their educators. This builds strong interpersonal skills which helps children work better in a group or team setting.
  • Gaining knowledge of music history through the exploration of music composers from different time periods, creates an understanding and appreciation for a variety of cultures at a young age.
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